Community Health Needs Assessment Survey

Posted on August 28, 2022 by Jonathan Medford

To assess the health needs of its community, a hospital facility must identify the significant health needs of the community. It must also prioritize those health needs, as well as identify resources potentially available to address them. Resources can include organizations, facilities, and programs in the community, including those of the hospital facility, potentially available to address those health needs.

The health needs of a community include requisites for the improvement or maintenance of health status both in the community at large and in particular parts of the community, such as particular neighborhoods or populations experiencing health disparities. Needs may include, for example, the need to:

  • Address financial and other barriers to accessing care,
  • Prevent illness,
  • Ensure adequate nutrition, or
  • Address social, behavioral, and environmental factors that influence health in the community.

A hospital facility may determine whether a health need is significant based on all the facts and circumstances present in the community it serves. Additionally, a hospital facility may use any criteria to prioritize the significant health needs it identifies, including, but not limited to the:

  • Burden, scope, severity, or urgency of the health need,
  • Estimated feasibility and effectiveness of possible interventions,
  • Health disparities associated with the need, or
  • Importance the community places on addressing the need.

Please help us identify the health needs of our community by filling out the Community Health Needs Assessment Survey:

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