CRHS Proud

At Columbus Regional Healthcare System, we strive to be more than just a hospital. We want to be a force of good in the community. We want to provide more than just adequate care — we want to provide superior care. So we’ve worked tirelessly and, just in this past year alone, we’ve made significant improvements by implementing new practices, new technology and new services so that all members of our community can benefit knowing that they can have their healthcare needs met and hopefully even exceeded right in their own hometown. Learn more about some of the work we’ve done that makes us CRHS Proud.

Community Partnerships

We strive hard to make improvements every single day to provide the best level of healthcare as possible. Just one part of that is participating and supporting our community so that we can all grow together.


We live in a world that is increasingly more mobile, fast-paced and thus, reliant on technology. Healthcare should be no different. We understand the importance of cohesive, consistent healthcare no matter physical or graphical limitations, that’s why we are investing in TeleMedicine practices to help provider care wherever it’s needed.

Expansion & Improvements

Part of our commitment in being the best healthcare provider that we can be is never settling or allowing ourselves to become stagnant. We constantly have our eye on expanding and improving every single service we provide for superior care that is consistent with the entirety of the Columbus Regional Healthcare System, regardless of the branch or practice.

Opportunity & Growth

Within just the past year, we’ve done our best to expand our services and offerings and are proud of the great strides that we’ve made to ensure quality care within our community. Learn more about the steps we’ve taken to incorporate leading health technology and partnerships so that you can have superior care right in your hometown.

What CRHS Means

At Columbus Regional Healthcare System, we aim to be much more than just a hospital. We want to be a support system for the community, both outside of our campus and various branches, and within them. Learn more about our commitment to our patients and to our staff to help every individual thrive.


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