ColumbusConnect provides fast and secure exchange of test results and other medical information among participating hospitals, labs, x-ray facilities and doctors statewide. ColumbusConnect is not a complete record of your health history. It is simply a way for health care providers to access patient medical information that they need to provide you with better care.

ColumbusConnect is Good for You and Your Doctor

  • ColumbusConnect is a secure way for your doctor to get the most up-to-date medical information about you. Only health care providers with a valid reason will be allowed to see your test results and other medical information. Also, information that could help save your life in a medical emergency will be available to emergency room (ER) doctors at participating hospitals.
  • ColumbusConnect improves care by sending results to your doctor quickly and securely.
  • ColumbusConnect also serves as a second storage area, so your results and records are safe in case of an emergency, such as a fire or flood.
  • ColumbusConnect protects privacy by having safeguards in place to protect your information.

Opting Out

Patients who do not want their medical information to be accessible to authorized health care providers through ColumbusConnect may choose not to participate or “opt-out”. If you choose to opt-out, health care providers will not be able to look for your records in ColumbusConnect.

Choosing not to participate means emergency room (ER) doctors will not be able to get information that could help them give you better care or save your life in an emergency. Also, some providers may decide not to see patients that do not participate in ColumbusConnect because they will not have access to medical information that would help them give patients the best care possible.

If you do not want to participate in ColumbusConnect, you must complete the Opt-Out Form. You may access this form by clicking here.  By completing the form, you are only opting out of the ColumbusConnect. Your records will still be available to your health care providers from sources outside of ColumbusConnect.

If you have any questions, please contact ColumbusConnect:
Call ColumbusConnect:  910-914-4HIE (914-4443)

ColumbusConnect Opt-Out Request Form

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