Summer Safety Tips

Posted on July 5, 2017 by Web Administrator

  • Use Sunscreen. If you’re going outside, you should be putting on sunscreen, and that’s just all there is to it. Make sure everyone is applying sunscreen (SPF 15 should be the minimum) every time they go outdoors, at least 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Stay hydrated. The best way to stay hydrated is with regular water — make sure everyone in the family has a water bottle they can quickly fill up before they head outside. If anyone is going to be doing strenuous activity outdoors, keeping sports drinks or electrolyte solutions, like Pedialyte, stocked in the fridge can help too.
  • Avoid peak sun exposure. The hottest, brightest sun rays are out between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., so it’s really best to try not to be outdoors during those times. Not only are you more likely to get burned, but you’re also more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion.
  • Make sure your yard is safe. You should get in the habit of always checking any playground equipment, like swings and trampolines, regularly. Just a quick scan every month to make sure that all equipment is as it should be can be a great step to take to ensure safety. If you have small children or animals and a pool, make sure your pool has a gate or some other safety measure to keep them out and safe when there’s no supervision.
  • Use bug repellents. Especially if you’re planning on hiking or camping this summer, use bug sprays. Not only will bug spray help to keep annoying biting bugs like mosquitos away, but it’ll also help to protect against ticks and other harmful insects.
  • Teach safe swimming/pool habits. Make sure everyone knows how to behave around a pool. That means no running, no pushing or rough-housing in the water, safe diving into the deep end only, etc. That also means making sure that all of your family members are comfortable swimming or can be supervised at all times if they’re not. Young children should always have access to water wings or be wearing a foam, life jacket when in or near the water.
  • Keep a first aid kit ready. Take the time to put together a first aid kit that has any important medications, like EpiPens or prescriptions, as well as bandages, gauze, antiseptic ointment/sprays, alcohol wipes, OTC pain medication and ice packs. Create your own or purchase one, but always bring it with your before heading outdoors. For added safety, you can keep one in each vehicle and one in your home.
  • Supervise as much as possible! If you’ve got kids, then the best way to keep them safe is by supervising them to help prevent unsafe activities or respond quickly if an accident does occur. Same goes with significant others — if you’re outdoors and you’re hiking, camping, kayaking or just working on the house, having someone else around can help to prevent injuries and provide quick assistance if an injury does occur.

So, no matter what you get into this summer, know how to keep your family safe!

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