Urgent Care

Urgent care. We’ve opened urgent care. Urgent care is now open seven days a week, and it’s staffed by Larry Burroughs and Marie Campbell. It’s making a huge difference. Last week we average seeing 25 patients a day there, so it’s very busy. Even though our ED (Emergency Department) volume continues to grow, our urgent care volume is growing as well.

Our plans are, right now, it’s a little bit hidden on the side of the hospital, so it doesn’t have the street visibility that I want for it to, but it’s actually going to be relocating to our new MRI building. My staff have told me that we can only have two projects going on at one time, so we are doing the cancer center. We’re expanding the pharmacy. As soon as we get those done, we’re going to be busily moving our urgent care. It will have lots of street frontage, and it will be doubling the size.


Columbus Regional has opened their urgent care branch, which is now open 7 days a week. The lead physicians are Larry Burroughs and Marie Campbell.

In order to increase the visibility and size of the urgent care clinic, the branch will be relocated to the new MRI building, although the timeline for this project is contingent on the movement of the cancer care center first.

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