Choosing a Pediatrician

At Columbus Regional, we want to be more than a hospital — we want to be your healthcare resource. If you’re looking for a pediatrician, you’ve come to the right place! Looking for one locally? Check out our Southeast Pediatrics branch, which is now accepting new patients!

If you need a little guidance, make sure to read through this list of questions to ask yourself during your search.

When do I start my search?

Some parents begin searching for their pediatrician even before they’ve conceived, but many start looking during pregnancy. We encourage parents to have chosen their preferred pediatrician by the time they’re seven to eight months into pregnancy.

What should I consider when choosing?

There are numerous factors to weigh when it comes to choosing your pediatrician. In the end, the right pediatrician for you will be determined based on your personal experience with them. Here are some questions to help you evaluate your potential options:

  • Does the doctor take time to discuss any issues and listen to your concerns?
  • Does it appear that they enjoy working with children?
  • Do you feel comfortable and welcomed when you meet with them?
  • Is the office reliable and responsive when setting up appointments, or during general correspondence?
  • How is the average wait time? Are you able to receive care in urgent situations?
  • How does your child react to the doctor and staff?
  • Is the doctor open and responsive to questions?
  • Is the doctor open-minded and accepting when it comes to child-rearing practices? Do they respect your point of view?

Learn more about our wonderful providers at our own Southeast Pediatrics!


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